2677 Gladstone St.

Halifax, NS,  B3K 0A3  Canada

(902) 860-3861


Judith Singer Bates has over 30 years of experience in the field of clinical social work. She works with individuals desiring to make changes in their lives. She has extensive training in the treatment of abuse, trauma and dissociative disorders. Judith works with couples and individuals. Her practice is LGBT friendly.

Judith is trained in a variety of techniques, including Modern Psychoanalysis, hypnosis and Ego-State Therapy. Unprocessed memories and trauma lead us to repeat our past and thus we make the same mistakes over and over again. Repetition leads us to feel helpless, victimized and not in control of our lives. Learning to put all of our thoughts and feelings into words with someone who is attuned to you, fully present and non-judgmental, leads to positive change.

Judith’s training both as a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (also, see Hedy’s TED Talk), provides couples, either individually or together, a way to understand their own wounding. In session, couples learn to communicate in ways that keeps each other safe, respecting the sacred space between them. Each partner learns to "cross the bridge", leaving their baggage behind, and enter their partner’s world. Through the safe environment of the encounter, healing and connection occurs.


Her private practice is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Judith also regularly conducts sessions over the phone, or the Internet, for clients unable to attend them in person. As well, she conducts bi-weekly, small groups for women.

Many insurance companies provide coverage for treatment offered by clinicians with a Master’s in Social Work. As well, for committed clients who are unable to pay the full fee, she offers a sliding scale. Clients may contact her directly by phone or e-mail. A physician’s referral is not necessary.